Best Messaging apps for iPhone

If you have just switched to iOS from Android, then this resource is going to be vital for you to choose a perfect messaging app for your iPhone.

We recently saw The Lady trying to convince someone to download WhatsApp who is now shifting to United Kingdom; he wants to stay in touch with his friends.

We all know emails are never going to complete our requirement of always staying connected to each other — we need a good text messaging app.

Our friend doesn’t want WhatsApp probably because it’s owned by Facebook and she don’t have an iPhone so iMessage is not going to be an option here.

But no worries, there are numerous free alternatives that can do the job for us and in this article I am going to share few.


Let’s start with this well known app for iTunes users, iMessage which is a text messenger app by Apple.

It’s a built-in app and comes by default in your phone that means that you don’t need to install or sign-up for anything – it’s already there in your phone.

People normally add their whole family members and colleagues on their contact list and people love this app as it works perfectly.


Probably you only use Skype for video calling or video chats. But believe me Skype can do much more than that.

You can add all your family members, friends and relatives to your contact list and the best thing is that you can also make phone calls when needed from Skype, so you have everything just a finger tips away.

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